Sunrise Window auction on eBay…and something from my ex-wife

The intersectional abstract art painting by Wheels titled “Sunrise Window” is now up for sale via auction on eBay.  Check it out here…  Intersectional abstract art by Wheels Intersectional abstract art titled Sunrise Window by Wheels

 In terms of significance, this painting is an excellent example of the use of negative space.  If you notice in the painting where you perceive the window is actually where there is no paint added to the canvas.  This technique has been used in a number of works by Wheels including “Good Idea”, “Fall in VT” and “Ski The Rockies” to name just a few.

Sunrise Window also includes the bold, vibrant colors that are the trademark of the world’s leading intersectional artist, Wheels.  In this painting he creates an “explosion of color” using red, yellow and a background of blue.



A contribution from the ex-wife…
Another item for sale on eBay is an old framed black & white print that used to hang in the NYC bathroom of my ex-wife’s apartment before we were married.  I’m not sure why she did not take it with her when we split up, but, hey, it has a nice frame and is easy on the eyes.  (I was referring to the picture, not my ex-wife… in case you were wondering.)  Not to say that my ex-wife does not have a good frame but I also have not seen her in a few years so I can’t say for sure.

The print is matted and there is only some slight wavy-ness to the mat / print.  The fact that it has been behind glass has probably preserved it and aside from that, I did not notice any other damage.

You can bid on it here … Not Intersextional art.

Note:  There is glass covering the picture and all efforts will be made to preserve this for the person who wins the bidding on eBay, but it would also be wise to inspect the shipment as soon as it is received to make sure the glass was not damaged during shipping.  If you catch it early, it will be easier to make a claim on the shipper.

Here is a picture of it that is not on eBay…

.4 Beach Ladies with Umbrellas

 This picture was not posted on eBay because it contains some reflections in the glass.  The other picture (on eBay) was taken at an angle so there are no reflections and the picture can be seen more clearly.


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