Forest Drive by Wheels Auctioned on

Another painting by Wheels has been put up for auction via titled “Forest Drive”. The painting has been SOLD !

Forest Drive

Abstract Art by Wheels,

the World’s Leading Intersectional Artist

Forest Drive by Wheels



This relatively small (11x14in.) acrylic on canvas painting depicts a curved road through a forest.  Colors include black, yellow, dark red, emerald green and lime green.  The small size adds to the value of this painting in two ways.

First, a small intersectional art painting requires the same amount of elements as a larger painting while “cramming” (that’s a technical painting term) them into a smaller area.  This increases the difficulty of the painting process and is why fewer small paintings like this are created and even fewer are available at auction.

Secondly, intersectional abstract art of this size make it much easier to find a spot within your home to hang the piece.  Certainly you will want to hang it in a prominent location but with the smaller size, you have much more flexibility than if it were 2 foot by 3 foot.  This flexibility, along with the rarity of the size as mentioned above, is why many collectors are interested in this work by Wheels.



This painting was inspired by roads around Southern New Hampshire where the artist spent many summers and also learned to drive.  The canopy of leaves provides a cool respite from the hot tarmac as the light flickers off leaves of different hues.


What is Abstract Art?



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