Press Release: Intersectional Art Show-New Fairfield CT Sept 14

New Fairfield Intersectional Artist featured in Art Show Sept 14

For the past 7 years, New Fairfield has been home to the world’s foremost Intersectional Artist and on Sunday Sept 14th Wheels is having an open house / art show of his works.  The Art Show will be open to the public from 3-6pm at 54 Rita Drive, New Fairfield, CT.


Fruit Bowl by WheelsWheels, as he signs his paintings, also known as local resident Dave Wheeler, explains the origins of Intersectional Art.  “I created my style of art, called Intersectional Art, around 2000 in New Milford, CT.  At the time I just needed something to cover up an old wall air conditioner.  An artist friend of mine who specializes in gritty, character-driven portraits made a comment in an interview that his paintings ‘had personality’ and that he would never paint something ‘as boring as a bowl of fruit’.  That statement was all I needed.  I took it as a challenge to create a non-boring painting of a bowl of fruit… and use it to cover the old air conditioner.”


His work has been called “masterful, modernistic paintings” by Croix Sather, 2x World Record setter and New Fairfield resident.  Ridgefield award-winning author and 2008 National Hobo Queen, Carmine Coco DeYoung, has described the paintings by Wheels as “entrancing” and a “unique style all his own”.



The Starbucks Connection:

Wheels is often found most mornings at the New Fairfield Starbucks with his dog, Sampson.  Many people in New Fairfield know Sampson but fewer know the Intersectional Artist sitting right next to him.  “That’s fine with me.” Dave says, “Sampson puts the Star into Starbucks and loves the attention.”  In fact, Wheels will be donating the first $50 from each item sold at the Art Show to the New Fairfield Sherman Animal Welfare Society (



The Art Show on Sunday, Sept 14th is open to the public from 3-6pm and presented by  Some of the paintings that will be shown on Sunday can be previewed on their website.



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