Intersectional Artwork —————_____ Title__Cracked Reality 2015 —————_____ Artist__Wheels

March 12, 2015
New Intersectional Artwork by Wheels

Cracked Reality 2015 Intersectional Art by Wheels

Available as Limited Edition 8 x 12 inch Prints (order button below).  Only 100 of these limited edition, high resolution, photo-quality 8 x 12 prints will be made and each will sell them for $19.99 including standard shipping & handling within the USA.  Faster, Priority Mail shipping is available in the U.S.A. and International shipping can be arranged if you are interested.  Just add a note when you check out or leave a comment on this page.

Brief background information
about this Intersectional Artwork:

Started as a hypnotic spiral around a central point, it grew into a multi-color “fracture” of reality.  Some may notice a resemblance to the flag of Japan, but that is simply a coincidence.  This work uses the primary color scheme that Wheels is known for around the world.



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