Religion by Wheels

Limited Edition Prints of “Religion” are available:

black and white religion

Happy Easter!  That must have been the inspiration behind this work, right?  But why is it just in black & white?  Is it a commentary on how religion can clarify the “shades of grey” in our world?  Or does the black and white symbolize the people who are unable to see the gray in the world or appreciate other colors in the rainbow?  Is Jesus nailed to the cross or are his arms outstretched to embrace everyone?  Is it really a picture of Jesus or just some squiggly lines from the artist’s imagination?

What do you see?  What does it say to you?

Limited Edition 8 x 12 inch Prints
can be ordered using the button below.

Only 100 of these limited edition, high resolution, photo-quality 8 x 12 prints will be made and each will sell for $19.99 including standard shipping & handling within the USA. Faster, Priority Mail shipping is available in the U.S.A. and International shipping can be arranged if you are interested. Just add a note when you check out or leave a comment on this page.


Since the background of this artwork is primarily white, the “drop shadow” was added so that you could get an idea of where the edges are located.  There is no drop shadow on the print you will get when you purchase your print.


The first collectors who purchase this print will be sent an assortment of note cards based on other works by Wheels.  There are only a few sets of art notecards left so be sure you are one of the first people to order this print.


The collector who purchases the largest number of prints (of the 100 available “Religion” prints) will be awarded a 24 x 36 painting of this work by Wheels.  There will be a charge for shipping and packaging based on the location of the lucky collector.  In the event of a tie, the first person to make their purchase(s) will be awarded the painting.  The painting will be acrylic on canvas and signed by the artist.

Comments welcome !

What do you think about “Religion”?  What strikes you about this work?  Is there a better title for this intersectional art piece?  What “Easter Eggs” do you see in the image?  Please a comment and let us know your thoughts and ideas.

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