About Us

What do you want to know?


Who started NoteWordy?
Some guy named Dave Wheeler. If you haven’t heard the story of “TheShot92” you are probably the only person left on the planet that he has not told. (So you better click on the picture to the right to learn all about it.)


Why did he start a web site that sells art and note cards?
Because he was crazy… Crazy about art !

No, seriously, he enjoyed art and thought that most of the note cards on the market were lacking … something. They just weren’t NoteWordy!


How long have you been around?
You mean including today? Too long.  Not long enough to know better. The precursor to this web site was started in 2000 and converted to NoteWordy.com in 2004.


Anymore questions?
Send us an email ! We would love to hear from you.  (Seriously, we would.)

Email us at info [at] notewordy.com. For other contact methods, check out our “Contact Us” page!


Did you hear the story of “TheShot92”?
If you are one of the few that have not heard about one of the great chapters in the “Legend of The Wheel”… check it out here


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