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Forest Drive by Wheels Auctioned on

Another painting by Wheels has been put up for auction via titled “Forest Drive”. The painting has been SOLD ! Forest Drive Abstract Art by Wheels, the World’s Leading Intersectional Artist   Background: This relatively small (11x14in.) acrylic on canvas painting depicts a curved road through a forest.  Colors include black, yellow, dark red, […]

Sunrise Window auction on eBay…and something from my ex-wife

The intersectional abstract art painting by Wheels titled “Sunrise Window” is now up for sale via auction on eBay.  Check it out here…  Intersectional abstract art by Wheels   In terms of significance, this painting is an excellent example of the use of negative space.  If you notice in the painting where you perceive the window […]

Artist Brush painting for Sale on

The first painting of Wheels being auctioned in many years is now available for bidding on Bid high and Bid often ! Check it out at this link…  Auction update… Artist Brush by Wheels has SOLD ! This early example of intersectional art has been snapped up by a collector in Florida. More paintings […]

Intersectional Art Definitions

Many people ask what category does the “NoteWordy Art by Wheels” fall into? Is it Contemporary Art?  Abstract Art?  Or just plain ol’ colorful wall decoration? It is actually something called “Intersectional Art”. What is Intersectional Art?  Are there different versions? Imagine you drew a figure 8 or a clover leaf shape.  Now at each […]

Fundraising for

As part of our 2012 fundraising activities to support Contemporary Art, we have started selling a number of items on eBay.  While some may not be directly related to NoteWordy’s signature Intersectional Art, they are all unique in their own way. The first of these is a Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls jersey with the original […]

My competition . . . . ?

I did not realize that I was competing with artists OUTSIDE THE HUMAN RACE ! Check out the video … I was especially insulted by the last sentence that indicates what makes a “good artist”… listen to the video carefully and you will see what I mean ! d.Mark “Dave” Wheeler

Happy Earth Day !

Here is a little bit of art for Earth Day 2010 !

It has not been painted… but I was thinking it might be interesting as a mural on a wall… REALLY BIG. What do you think? Anyone want it on their wall?

Earth Day original art by Wheels

Intersectional art in honor of Earth Day by Wheels

Happy Valentine’s Day

Here is my art for Valentine’s Day 2010, titled “You Are in My Heart” ….If you would like to order custom notecards with this image on them, please send an email to theshot92 [at] gmail [dot] com. (address written this way to discourage automatic spammers). Prints are also available if there is enough interest. Past […]