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Spiral Life

Have you ever felt like your life was spiraling out of control? Down the drain perhaps? Spiral Life captures that feeling while also giving a glimpse into the amazingly colorful background that most of us miss when things start spiraling. Take a breath and enjoy the ride.   Limited Edition Prints of “Spiral Life” will […]

Commission 2015 – Now accepting bids

If you have been following this website, you probably have considered having a commissioned intersectional artwork created based on your own inspiration. Commission 2015 Anyone  interested in bidding on a commissioned artwork, just send an email to dave (at) with your name, max bid and desired size of the commissioned artwork.  You will get […]

Icon Series – STOP2015

Glimpse into the Artistic Process of an Intersectional Artwork Creating Art is not necessarily about creating a single piece. It is the culmination of trial & error, decisions at every step of the way. What to leave in, what to take out. To demonstrate how this works, here are 4 “near final” works by Wheels […]

Intersectional Artwork by Wheels —–_____ Title__Power Struggle 1

Limited Edition Prints of “Power Struggle 1″ are available: Limited Edition 8 x 12 inch Prints can be ordered using the button below. Only 100 of these limited edition, high resolution, photo-quality 8 x 12 prints will be made and each will sell them for $19.99 including standard shipping & handling within the USA. Faster, […]

Intersectional Artwork by Wheels —–_____ Title__It’s Not Luck 2015

In honor of St.Patrick’s day, this piece includes the artist’s reflections on a number of iconic Irish images. The title, It’s Not Luck, also connotes the artist’s belief that we make our own luck and a statistically rare extra leaf doesn’t give someone more luck.   Limited Edition Prints of “It’s Not Luck” are available: […]

New Intersectional Art – Title: Woman1

I am trying something new starting with this work. I have recently discovered a way to create limited edition, high resolution, photo-quality 8 x 12 prints and will sell them for only $19.99 including standard shipping & handling.  Faster, Priority Mail shipping available in the U.S.A. and International shipping can be arranged if you are […]

Kentucky 4-H note card contest !

As reported by News-Democrat & Leader Online, the Kentucky 4-H organization is running a notecard contest with the winning cards available for purchase in April 2008. There are a number of different age categories and it will be interesting to see who wins… … but I’m wondering why they don’t have different art categories? By […]