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Unconventional Thinking… Write a Note!

Mark Stevens, author of “Your Marketing Sucks” and other books, writes an interesting article on his blog called “Unconventional Thinking”. Here is how it starts… No one writes letters any more. Considering the options, they are cumbersome and reach the other party with glacial speed. So why bother. Zip off an email and move on […]

Happy Punctum Day … Aug.19th !

I learned about Punctum Day via Here is their explanation… We’re all quite literally looking at pictures all day long. Ofcourse, some of us are more involved than others with this world of pictures. … not every image just goes past us. Sometimes, the picture makes us stop, the photograph arrests us, the drawing […]

Fractal Branding

I came across the interesting idea of “Fractal Branding” via Diego Rodriguez’s blog, In the post talking about the FAA web site, he says: Brands are fractal entities, and the meaning of the whole is to found in the execution of even the lowliest detail. Especially if your brand is all about rigor, safety, […]

Catch The Wave ….

Again I refer to Seth Godin’s blog …. Seth talks about the “timing” for a business. He uses Vegan cooking and Starbucks as examples of businesses that could not have been successful in a different era. As always, Seth brings up a good point and it brought to mind an analogy…. Surfing. If you are […]