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Send us an email at info [at]

Email is the best way to contact us, unless you are sending us checks with LARGE DENOMINATIONS, in which case, you can use our mailing address is: 54 Rita Drive, New Fairfield, CT 06812.

Other (less successful) Contact Methods:

Carrier Pigeons:  No longer accepted. (They made a real mess of our mailbox.)

Slow boat:  Too slow. Also discontinued, except for the very largest overseas orders.

Pony Express:  No longer accepted. (If you thought the pigeons made a mess, imagine this.)

Telegrams:  Unless you are Alexander Graham Bell, don’t send us a telegram. Buy a computer or go to your local library and send us an email. (Did we mention that we prefer to get emails?)

Smoke Signals:  This smelled a only slightly better than the pigeons and ponies, but we never quite got the hang of it. Discontinued due to wet weather and a burnt rug.

Did we forget your favorite mode of communication?
If so, please send us an email and tell us about it !


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