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For What?  Free Stuff?  News?

Occasionally, the team here at will send out free cards, notices of new card releases, interesting questions and maybe even things we haven’t thought of yet.  (definitely nothing bad though … and we won’t sell your name to anyone either). 


What do I have to do?
Other sites have a long winded, boring sign up form, but we feel that if you are one of our VIP’s (* Very Important People) it should be easier… so just send us an email at info [at]  (At least until we get our own long-winded and boring form to fill out).

If you are interested in something in particular … please let us know.


Do you need my shipping address?
Don’t worry about giving us your mailing address. If we need to send you something we will send you an email and ask for it then.

If there is something about the site that you like… tell us ! (and tell your friends)
If there is something that we need to fix … please tell us (and give us a second to fix it before you tell your friends).

Happy Art & Such !


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