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Crinkle Filled 1 – How about a better name?

This reminded me of a crinkled piece of paper … … but it doesn’t really work as a title for this week’s intersectional art work.  What do you see as the meaning(s) or possible interpretations?  I have another version that has green added, but I prefer to stick to the primary colors.  What do you […]

Icon Series – “How Many” by Wheels

The Series gets serious… again This week’s intersectional art work is again related to guns.  What do you see as the meaning(s) or possible interpretations?  What is the deeper meaning? What do the dots on the right represent?  Bullets?  Something else?  Can you see the connection to history? These are just some elements to get […]

FlagUSA by Wheels

FLAGUSA by Wheels is an excellent example of multi-layered intersectional art.  The background fields of various colors are offset by white intersectional art components.  The 50 stars are each unique and while it was not conceived this way, the overall effect is that there are 50 bullet holes shot from the backside of the flag. […]

Religion by Wheels

Limited Edition Prints of “Religion” are available: Happy Easter!  That must have been the inspiration behind this work, right?  But why is it just in black & white?  Is it a commentary on how religion can clarify the “shades of grey” in our world?  Or does the black and white symbolize the people who are […]

First Day of Spring 2015

Limited Edition Prints of “First Day of Spring 2015″ are available: The first day of spring has been a long time coming, especially in New England.  Even the “official” first day of spring came and went with loads of snow on the ground.  The first day of spring is the day when you start to […]

Intersectional Artwork by Wheels —–_____ Title__Power Struggle 1

Limited Edition Prints of “Power Struggle 1″ are available: Limited Edition 8 x 12 inch Prints can be ordered using the button below. Only 100 of these limited edition, high resolution, photo-quality 8 x 12 prints will be made and each will sell them for $19.99 including standard shipping & handling within the USA. Faster, […]

Intersectional Artwork by Wheels —–_____ Title__It’s Not Luck 2015

In honor of St.Patrick’s day, this piece includes the artist’s reflections on a number of iconic Irish images. The title, It’s Not Luck, also connotes the artist’s belief that we make our own luck and a statistically rare extra leaf doesn’t give someone more luck.   Limited Edition Prints of “It’s Not Luck” are available: […]

Intersectional Art Definitions

Many people ask what category does the “NoteWordy Art by Wheels” fall into? Is it Contemporary Art?  Abstract Art?  Or just plain ol’ colorful wall decoration? It is actually something called “Intersectional Art”. What is Intersectional Art?  Are there different versions? Imagine you drew a figure 8 or a clover leaf shape.  Now at each […]