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Intersectional Artwork by Wheels —–_____ Title__It’s Not Luck 2015

In honor of St.Patrick’s day, this piece includes the artist’s reflections on a number of iconic Irish images. The title, It’s Not Luck, also connotes the artist’s belief that we make our own luck and a statistically rare extra leaf doesn’t give someone more luck.   Limited Edition Prints of “It’s Not Luck” are available: […]

Intersectional Artwork —————_____ Title__Cracked Reality 2015 —————_____ Artist__Wheels

March 12, 2015 New Intersectional Artwork by Wheels Available as Limited Edition 8 x 12 inch Prints (order button below).  Only 100 of these limited edition, high resolution, photo-quality 8 x 12 prints will be made and each will sell them for $19.99 including standard shipping & handling within the USA.  Faster, Priority Mail shipping is available […]

Press Release: Intersectional Art Show-New Fairfield CT Sept 14

New Fairfield Intersectional Artist featured in Art Show Sept 14 For the past 7 years, New Fairfield has been home to the world’s foremost Intersectional Artist and on Sunday Sept 14th Wheels is having an open house / art show of his works.  The Art Show will be open to the public from 3-6pm at […]

Which Intersectional Art Show Poster did you see around town?

We all know that there is an Art Show featuring the world’s foremost Intersectional Artist (Wheels) on Sunday Sept.14th from 3-6pm at 54 Rita Drive, New Fairfield, CT but the important question is…. Which poster did you see around town? Below are some of the posters that you might find at local businesses or on […]

Forest Drive by Wheels Auctioned on eBay.com

Another painting by Wheels has been put up for auction via eBay.com titled “Forest Drive”. The painting has been SOLD ! Forest Drive Abstract Art by Wheels, the World’s Leading Intersectional Artist   Background: This relatively small (11x14in.) acrylic on canvas painting depicts a curved road through a forest.  Colors include black, yellow, dark red, […]

Sunrise Window auction on eBay…and something from my ex-wife

The intersectional abstract art painting by Wheels titled “Sunrise Window” is now up for sale via auction on eBay.  Check it out here…  Intersectional abstract art by Wheels   In terms of significance, this painting is an excellent example of the use of negative space.  If you notice in the painting where you perceive the window […]

Intersectional Art Definitions

Many people ask what category does the “NoteWordy Art by Wheels” fall into? Is it Contemporary Art?  Abstract Art?  Or just plain ol’ colorful wall decoration? It is actually something called “Intersectional Art”. What is Intersectional Art?  Are there different versions? Imagine you drew a figure 8 or a clover leaf shape.  Now at each […]

Happy Earth Day !

Here is a little bit of art for Earth Day 2010 !

It has not been painted… but I was thinking it might be interesting as a mural on a wall… REALLY BIG. What do you think? Anyone want it on their wall?

Earth Day original art by Wheels

Intersectional art in honor of Earth Day by Wheels